RisWIS Enumerators
Focus Group Discussions
In-depth Interview
An Urban Slum in Accra, Ghana

Preliminary Data Collection in Urban Slums in Ghana and Kenya Completed.

Preliminary data collection on Resource insecurity and Well-being in Informal Settlements (RisWIS) have been completed in Ghana and Kenya through funding support from the University of Texas at Arlington and the University of Notre Dame. 

News and Announcements

Dr. Gabriel John Dusing transitions to new role

On 31st January, 2024, GEHLab bade farewell to Dr. Gabriel John Dusing, the lab's Research Associate, as he transitions to a new role at St. Michael's Hospital. Dr. Dusing's six-month tenure at the lab was immensely productive, with output including three conference presentations and papers. His poster on the relationhsip between ambient temperature and sleep quality among older adults in Ghana will be presented at the Consortium of Universities for Global Health's 2024 conference. Congratulations, Dr. Dusing!

Data collection to begin on energy insecurity in Colombia

Starting early next year, Dr. Boateng of UT Arlington and Dr. Diego Lucumi of Universidad de los Andes will start preliminary data collection in three sites across Colombia on energy insecurity, health and sustainable livelihoods. IRB approval have been received from both universities. 

Multilevel Multidimensional Scale for Measuring Housing insecurity has been published in Lancet Global Health. 

The first report of the RisWIS study in Ghana has been published in the Lancet Global Health. Drs. Boateng and Adams presented the final output of the scale measuring housing insecurity at the 13th Annual Global Health Conference by the Consortium of Universities for Global Health. The abstract was selected by Lancet Global Health for publication. The full paper is being considered for publication at Cities. Click the link below to read more:

Data collection for the RisWIS Study completed in Malawi in June 2022

Funded by the Helen Kellogg Institute for International Studies, data collection for the RisWIS Study started in Malawi in Mid-April and ended in June 2022. The funding supported Survey, Focus Group Discussions, and In-depth interviews across three slums and informal settlements (Kauma, Mtandire, Chinsapo) in the capital city of Lilongwe. 

Mirianna Georges graduates from York University

Mirianna recently completed a BA in Global Health at York University and will move on to pursue a Master's in Global Health at McMaster University. Before studying at York, she graduated with a Bachelor of Humanities with a minor in Biology from Carleton University.

As a research assistant with the Global and Environmental Health Lab at the Dahdaleh Institute, Mirianna worked with Prof. Godfred Boateng to complete a project on housing insecurity and intestinal health outcomes in Kenya. Mirianna was also the 2023 recipient of the Canadian Institute of Health Research Undergraduate Student Research Award, which supported research at the Global and Environmental Health Lab.

Multilevel Multidimensional Scale for Measuring Housing insecurity has been published in Cities 

The housing insecurity scale was published this January in Cities. This new scale is a game changer in the field of human geography, public health, global health, and medicine. It will enable the quantification and assessment of the disease, psychosocial, and economic implications of housing insecurity among people living in slums and informal settlements in sub-Saharan Africa. Click here to read the article.

GEHLab hosts workshop on meta-analysis and systematic reviews at York University 

Between 20th and 23rd February, 2024, GEHLab, in collaboration with the Dahdaleh Institute for Global Health Research, hosted a workshop on meta-analysis and systematic reviews. Led by Dr. Reginald Quansah (School of Public Health, University of Ghana), participants from York University and University of Western Ontario learned the differences between systematic reviews and meta-analysis, best practices for conducting both and strategies for getting their reviews published in top-ranking journals. Congratulations to all participants!

Gashanti Young Women Initiative hosts info session on anxiety and Retooling project


On January 25, 2024, Gashanti Young Women Initative, in collaboration with Midaynta Community Services, hosted an info session on the Retooling Black Anxiety project, and anxiety in Black communities at large. Participants shared their perspectives on feelings of anxiety and depression, and also heard about the project objectives. 

Testing begins with partners at the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research


This February, GEHLab partners at the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research trialled new IDEXX equipment for assessing indoor and outdoor water quality. The lab is preparing to collect data on choliform bacteria in water sources across informal settlements in Accra, Ghana. This data will inform new analysis on water insecurity in these settlements.

Dr. Godfred O. Boateng presents at Harriet Tubman Institute's Black History Month panel

On 1st February 2024, GEHLab director Dr. Godfred O. Boateng participated in a panel discussion on Black educators and Black education as part of the Harriet Tubman Institute's opening ceremony for Black History Month. Joined by Dr. Lawrence Goodridge (University of Guelph), Dr. Molade Osibodu (York University), Dr. Ola Mohammed (York University) and Dr. Solomon Boakye-Yiadom (York University), Dr. Boateng discussed the importance of Black scholarship in global health from a historical and contemporary perspective.